The world doesn’t change

If we choose to understand others first we will be more understood.

If we choose to be kind to others first we will receive more kindness.

If we choose to listen to others first we will be listened to more.

If we choose to show love to others first we will receive more love.

Conversely, if we choose to be angry, hateful, judgemental, or unkind first we will receive the same back.

The world doesn’t change we do.

Be first

What we feel others don’t give us can easily be changed. So if we feel unloved, unwanted, not paid attention to, left out, ignored or not respected…we blame others, our ego makes it their fault.

Instead of looking to others to give it to us or to blame, we can step away from our ego and be first and start giving it to the world. So we can give respect, love, attention, kindness, and understanding, in fact, much more. When we become a giver we become positive and send out positive energies.

Amazingly, very soon all the things we feel that we didn’t get come to us and more than we perhaps expected.

Don’t wait for others to change, be first.