Would it change your life?

What if…

We offered kindness by default?
We choose love instead of fear?
We choose to let go instead of reacting?
We choose empathy instead of advice?
We choose to listen instead of talking?
We choose to accept others as they are instead of judging?
We choose to trust instead of seeking to catch someone out?
We choose to live in this moment instead of in our thoughts of the past or future?

All of these things are a choice and can be chosen now and always.

Would it change your life?

Trust someone?

What would happen if we choose to trust others, as in completely trust a stranger, as in form no judgement and therefore trust them like you would a loved one?

Would the world change? Would your life change? Would you fear less?

Trust is a powerful thing for both the person trusting and the recipient of your trust.

It takes bravery, it takes stepping away from the mind and its judgement and it takes love.