What is empathy?

Empathy is forgetting our story and listening without evaluating or judging the other person. To walk in their shoes.

True understanding only comes when we have no agenda and no outcome to suit us.

It’s not about us, or fixing, or advising, or telling…it’s about listening, understanding and sharing the light from our soul with another soul.

Empathy is being at one with the other. It’s about love and that comes with no conditions from our heart and soul.


We are all a product of our own unique journies, experiences and conditioning.

Our views and opinions are formed from that.

So are others.

Others who have a different view are not stupid, ignorant, silly, wrong or are they bad for holding them. They are just different. They had a different journey and environment.

The more we can understand others the better we can communicate with them.

Otherwise, there is only hatred and disconnection.