Listen, or your tongue will make you deaf

The human race has entered a stage where no one listens anymore.

We hear but we do not listen. We surround ourselves in a bubble of our own views, an impenetrable echo chamber of hatred and fearmongering against other bubbles. There is no time for listening, instantly dismissing someone before they have even finished their sentence, based on judgements of our mind of what that person represents.

Listening requires pausing from thinking about our own answer, it requires not thinking about how something affects us and it requires not evaluating what the person is saying while they are saying it. It requires empathy, it requires the ability to understand, it requires the ability to actually take in a viewpoint different from our own. It requires a love of all human souls and a realisation that we are all equal no matter what, we are the one-life, the human race.

An indigenous saying from North America sums up listening well – “Listen, or your tongue will make you deaf”.

Everyone suffers

When we see others and accept them as they are, we then step away from the lens of judgement that is our mind and its ego. Drama keeps the mind fed and that leads us to judge and gossip with others, it feeds our mind but creates fear, division, hate, anger and is toxic to us all.

If we want to see a different world and enjoy peace within and outside, then we can only achieve that by recognising we are all the one life and we are all beautiful loving souls beyond our minds and our egos.

If we are compassionate, we realise that like ourselves, everyone suffers from their mind to one extent or another. We do not know how much a person is suffering within, we can feel it sometimes and when we are away from our mind, we can feel it completely as we are conscious.

All that we could choose to extend to others is love, instead of our mind and its judgement.

It takes a simple step from our own mind and thoughts, and being conscious, now in this moment and choosing not to fight another’s mind, choosing to see their soul, not their ego. Acceptance will always bring peace and resistance always suffering.