What we become

I get angry, it’s OK.

I get frustrated, it’s OK.

I cry, it’s OK.

I get fearful, it’s OK.

I suffer anxiety, it’s OK.

I get sad, it’s OK.

I get all kinds of emotions, it’s OK.

If we accept who we are, where we are at in our journey, our emotions, our thoughts, our level of consciousness and surrender to them all, then all of those emotions are ok, let them be. They have then space to be and to fade as all things do.

If we let them be, they pass, if we resist them, we become them.

The light of this moment

Our ability to create light is infinite and so is our opportunity to share it with the world.

Each new moment is an opportunity to do that. Here now.

However, our conditioning is to always be looking to the past to see how we were hard done by and create anger or looking to the future to see what might go wrong and create psychological fear. When we are in our subconscious, we are in our minds and its repetitive thought patterns, the ones we get again and again and, yep, again.

Instead, if we remain in this present moment, we are at peace, away from thought, and we will spread our calm and peace to others too. This is how things change, by each one of us staying conscious and away from anger and fear, past and future. Past and future not real, they do not exist outside the mind and are the darkness.

Our soul is the light of this moment that will shine for us and others.