So you want peace?

There are two operating systems within us and in the exterior world.

Firstly, the default human system, fear which is generated by the mind and then accelerated by the collective mind feeding on the negative energy.

The other, love, comes from the human soul and grows with the collective consciousness of other humans souls who share love. It grows from all the positive energy.

If we want peace within and in the world then we have to drop the default system of fear and embrace our soulful energy of love.

The thing is we can’t wait for another to go first, we have to be the inspiration and start now.

Peace and love 🙏

The world doesn’t change

If we choose to understand others first we will be more understood.

If we choose to be kind to others first we will receive more kindness.

If we choose to listen to others first we will be listened to more.

If we choose to show love to others first we will receive more love.

Conversely, if we choose to be angry, hateful, judgemental, or unkind first we will receive the same back.

The world doesn’t change we do.