What we become

I get angry, it’s OK.

I get frustrated, it’s OK.

I cry, it’s OK.

I get fearful, it’s OK.

I suffer anxiety, it’s OK.

I get sad, it’s OK.

I get all kinds of emotions, it’s OK.

If we accept who we are, where we are at in our journey, our emotions, our thoughts, our level of consciousness and surrender to them all, then all of those emotions are ok, let them be. They have then space to be and to fade as all things do.

If we let them be, they pass, if we resist them, we become them.

Getting an answer

Any easy way to answer a question in your head about doing something or not.

Ask ‘what do you feel?’. Do not ask ‘what do you think?’. Ignore thoughts.

Feelings come from our wisdom, instinct, intuition that comes from the soul, from our inner essence. We instinctively know the answer.

The mind seeks validation for its ego, which is fragile, and needs reassurances from others. So we project forward with our thoughts as to what might happen if we do ‘x’ or ‘y’. That is the fantasy of the future and is always uncertainty as it does not exist. So we create a psychological fear inside us and that leads to more uncertainty, more fear and more need for validation from others.

If we allow our feeling to flow, created by the space that comes without thought, then we can use the mind to take that feeling and create the reality. If however, we think and ignore the feelings, the mind then has no space to create as it is fully occupied by uncertainty and projections.

Follow the feelings from the soul not fear from the mind.