I’m angry about being angry

When we fight against our feelings, especially the negative ones, they do not go away. They become energised and grow.

Often when I get angry, I get angry about being angry. I tell myself I should just be floating on a cloud, all calm and zen-like. ‘I know how to deal with this…I shouldn’t be angry’ is what I tell myself and that causes more anger!

However, all feelings are there for a reason and we could choose to welcome them. To learn why we feel that way and to use it as our guide.

Funnily, the moment we accept and welcome our negative states, the sooner they subside and go. Energy goes where our focus goes and resistance and fighting something is a negative energy.

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if want to”…as the song goes, but what about us and our own lives?

The thing is our journey and how we see it is ours and ours alone to own, it isn’t up for others to decide if it is right or wrong. How we see our situation is all that matters. It is our story, now that doesn’t mean that we can not change it, but it is not for others to decide or re-write. It is our own party and we can cry if we want to.

How we feel is how we feel, and again not open for others to debate or want to alter that.

It’s our life and it is important to take complete ownership of it all and not allow others to shape it to what they believe it should be.

Being ourselves, as in our true authentic selves, requires us to be vulnerable, to brave enough to step up onto the stage and be in the spotlight of other people’s views, opinions, and often judgement.