Turn up the volume

Turn up the volume on your favourite song, sing the words out loud, dance, jump and enjoy every bit of it. Do not worry about letting go.

Watch your favourite film, again and again…put your feet up, grab a fav snack and just enjoy it guilt-free.

Snooze the alarm, duck back under the covers and sleep a bit more. Don’t feel bad about it.

Whatever it is that brings you some joy, do it, don’t think about it, never feel guilty as that will stop you enjoying the moment.

Just be the joy you want to have…why not?

The pain gap

Just do it or don’t, these are the only two options for peace within. Follow your feelings always as they come from our soul.

The hesitation, the gap between doing or not doing, is where inner pain and suffering is, caused by our mind and its endless thought and deliberation.