The collective

When we connect and identify with the collective mind, then we suffer with the collective.

Of course, like anything in life, it is a choice to do it, but when we are within our own thoughts and not conscious, then it is easy to connect and identify with the collective mind. We become it as we have already with our own mind.

Our pain bodies thrive on drama, judgement, and negativity and therefore, when we are within our own suffering, there is a perverse comfort in connecting, identifying and become the collective drama. It feeds itself and we are drag along by the wave of all suffering.

The insanity of the human mind to actually connect and take on collective suffering too.

Let things be and it will come

The more we try the less the things we want come.

If we allow things to unfold, if we are free from pressure, if we concentrate on the moment of actually doing, if we allow the universe to work, then things come to us.

We send out positive vibes when we let things be and are at peace within and that attracts other positive vibes around us.

When we try too hard and when we force things then negativity comes from us because we are fighting and resisting and not allow things to flow, there is friction. We then emit negative vibrations and that attracts other negative vibrations around us.

Let things be and things will come.