Our mojo

We all have that spirit, that something in us, impossible to describe, something magical, our own spark.

Mojo is a great word for it.

At times in life it’s on a high and our mojo is on fire and other times we lose it, our mojo is gone.

Like most things, when we don’t have them we focus on it and try too hard to get them. Nearly always resulting in the opposite of what we crave happening.

Once we relax, once we go with the flow, allow life to guide us, something always comes along. Not by magic, but by the simple fact that we have removed the pressure and negativity of trying to force something to happen.

So, when we lose our mojo, relax it hasn’t really gone anywhere, it will come back the moment we let go. Our spark needs something to ignite it and that has to come with the flow of life and when we are at peace.

Gloomy times


We all have gloomy times in life, times when things seem against us or dark clouds are parked over our heads.

At the time, it can seem like there is no coming back or no way out or things will remain this way forever.

The fact is all things pass with time and what seems bad now, will feel better even in a few hours and certainly by the next day. However, it is all a question of choice.

Often we choose to wallow in the bad, we use it to seek attention and to help justify that we are a victim.

The world isn’t stacked against us or anyone else, no one is out to get us and we are no more or less worthy than anyone else.

We have the option to choose to let things go, to realise that there is a reason for things and to try and teach ourselves not to see things as bad or not to see them as others against us.

Accepting things and moving on speeds up the process and if others are doing things that have a negative impact on our feelings, then like anything that is toxic, the best thing to do is to remove that from our lives and not look back.

A great friend of mine always says to me ‘step away from the package’.