The best medicine

life has many ups and downs.

life has its’ challenges, stress, and setbacks.

Adversity is a thing we all face at times.

The simplest and best cure…


We can all get into the habit of taking life too seriously, instead, we could choose to build the habit of laughing.

I’ve met very few people who do not enjoy a good laugh, so enjoy laughing with others as often as you can.

Seems odd to even type this but I think we’d all admit to taking things far too seriously. There is humour and something to make us feel better or good in most situations in our daily lives.

Choose laughter every time.



Often in life, we can without realising it become serious. Become weighed down by the day-to-day and find ourselves lacking a spring in our step.

There is a simple cure and the simple ones are always the best.


Find a film that makes you laugh or anything that is guaranteed to make you really, genuinely laugh, not just a smile but a real full on laugh.

Laughter releases endorphins and that creates a sense of euphoria and lifts the gloom.

People who laugh a great deal will live longer, be happier and more fun to be with.

So don’t wait, just go and put on the funniest film you can find and just sit and laugh. Even better do it with someone else.