Surrender is not indifference

Surrendering to, and accepting everything that has happened, as what is, is not to be confused with indifference our weakness.

Indifference and weakness are labels of the mind and are linked to the egoic state that most people spend their entire lives in. There is not weak or strong. Better or worse. These are all the comparatives of the mind.

When we accept within and surrender to exactly what this moment is, then we remove any internal suffering. That does not mean that we have to be happy about what is or agree with everything in the external world.

We can still express our view, but we will express it without the mind-driven egoic state. Opinions, after all, are just opinions and only the ego causes us to defend them at any cost.

The damage that is done to ourselves and others defending opinions, in some cases the collective ego will go to war with the other collective ego and many millions have died because of that.

It means that we can state our view from a position of non-attachment and peace, therefore, likely to be listened too by the other person or persons or with much less resistance. We become an example of light, not an aggressor.

Surrender and acceptance mean inner peace and often exterior peace, and not indifference or weakness.

It’s something humans have not tried.

Nothing to defend

If we start from a place of acceptance and no resistance to what is, then anything is possible, there are no barriers to what may occur and the exterior world will reflect our inner peace.

If we fight against the reality of the situation and how things are, then life is always a struggle. We are always looking for someone or something to blame or both and have them as an enemy. The thing is, all of this only exists in our mind. It is what we create no one else.

Surrendering does not mean you outwardly agree to everything, it means inner acceptance and inner peace, so when we respond, and we do not even always need to respond, we do so from a place of calm, our view is no attached to an egoic state, we are not defending a position and the universe works with us, there is only positivity. When we come from the position of the mind, the ego, a fight, a position to defend then everything works against us, negativity rises, others reflect our state.

There is nothing to defend when we are not attached to our egos and are at peace inside.

It is all a choice we can make.