What’s the agenda?

We go to conferences, events, networking meetings and other gatherings.

Often the agenda is to sell, gather contacts, make a return on investment. It’s all about the Dollars and Cents.

What if the agenda was to listen, evaluate and learn?

Perhaps the short term bucks would be less, but longer term the return could be a great deal higher.

Play the long game and adjust the agenda.

A new dialogue

Different voices by Philip Dodson
Different voices by Philip Dodson

Your parent tells you something, does it make it so?

Your teacher tells you something, does it make it so?

Your boss tells you something, does it make it so?

The television news tells you something, does it make it so?

A politician, a lawyer, a doctor……

The makers of the myths that we all accept, does it make their myth so?

There are many people who can tell us something, it does not make it so.

There is a danger with relying on what we are told, it is not always so.

The voice of others not being questioned has often lead to many disasters for the human race. Our ever increasing compliance with the single voice of the system could be leading us there again.

Is one voice always all right and the other all wrong?

Not one voice is ever all wrong or all right, it is up to us all to be open to all views and make an informed choice, not merely agreeing without evaluation of all voices.

The best approach is to counter things, to question, to be curious, to look at what is the motive behind what we are being told. To not evaluate until we have thought about it for ourselves is essential.

It is essential to avoid dogma and being polarised into one camp, the best options often come from a blend, a consensus, where all opinions are taken into account.

We’ve had the single voice of the elite for a long time deciding the fate of the many. It is time perhaps to hear and incorporate the voices of the many. After all, why not? Perhaps it is the controllers of the mainstream voice who fear the most and silence the most.

We might find that what we were told was so, but surely it is worth questioning and not blindly relying on the voice of others. Surely, it is worth exploring some new options that are not simply black or white, this or that.

We need to explore a new dialogue for the human race before there is completely just one allowed.