The collective

When we connect and identify with the collective mind, then we suffer with the collective.

Of course, like anything in life, it is a choice to do it, but when we are within our own thoughts and not conscious, then it is easy to connect and identify with the collective mind. We become it as we have already with our own mind.

Our pain bodies thrive on drama, judgement, and negativity and therefore, when we are within our own suffering, there is a perverse comfort in connecting, identifying and become the collective drama. It feeds itself and we are drag along by the wave of all suffering.

The insanity of the human mind to actually connect and take on collective suffering too.

Controlling is easy

Controlling others is easy…frighten them and then offer a solution to ease their fears. It’s known as dependency. Dangle carrots just in front and like the donkey, we can be led.

If some do not follow, then create divide and more fear. Fear of the psychological kind is the most powerful because it can not be dealt with as it relates to a fantasy future event concocted by the creator of the fear.

It’s easy to escape though, just be present and be disconnected from where all fear lives, the mind and its thoughts.

Stay conscious, enjoy this moment now and disconnect from our mind and the collective mind. All things pass.