Controlling is easy

Controlling others is easy…frighten them and then offer a solution to ease their fears. It’s known as dependency. Dangle carrots just in front and like the donkey, we can be led.

If some do not follow, then create divide and more fear. Fear of the psychological kind is the most powerful because it can not be dealt with as it relates to a fantasy future event concocted by the creator of the fear.

It’s easy to escape though, just be present and be disconnected from where all fear lives, the mind and its thoughts.

Stay conscious, enjoy this moment now and disconnect from our mind and the collective mind. All things pass.

Is the collective affecting you?

Everything will depend on which end of the telescope you’re looking down…it’s all just a view. But views take on a power of their own once we attach to them.

Perspective is uniquely ours and thus most things are just that, according to our mind’s perspective or en masse from the collective mind’s perspective.

If we choose to just observe without evaluation, free from our mind’s take on it, then we can simply enjoy the observation and see what is, rather than what our mind is telling us is.

Opinions, views, and even wars come from one person’s view being adopted by the collective mind. We attach to things that relate to our mind’s story and then they become part of our own ego and must be defended, literally at all costs.

The collective mind is now freely available 24/7 via our smartphone…we are all connected to that matrix. So the collective mind is even more consuming and powerful. We become it.

If we are brave enough, then we can simply switch off that collective mind and see what changes in our life.

Worth a try if you find the collective affecting you in any way.