What would happen if I disconnected from the matrix?

The collective mind comes to us via many different forms such as other people, the media both mainstream and social, the internet, and other forms of collective communication. It is a matrix of thoughts, all based on fear that is magnified from the individual minds to become one giant collective fear. 

This fear-based flow of thoughts, opinions, demands and hatred is totally invasive and leads to a complete overwhelm for most of us. However, because we are individually part of this matrix with our own mind feeding this collective and running on unconscious fear-based agendas, we actually need this collective mind. We are overwhelmed and exhausted by it, yet at the same time addicted to it.

What if we switched it off? Disconnected from it? What if we stopped watching the news and TV? Switched our phones off? Stopped reading the newspaper? Stopped listening to the radio news? Stepped away from the drama of others and their fears? What if we choose to disconnect from the collective mind? What if we left the matrix?

Well, from my experience and that of talking to others who have done that to a greater or lesser extent, the answer is you are happier, more joyful, more conscious, you are no longer overwhelmed or fearful, and you spend more time doing and just being.

Has the world ended? No. Did you miss anything that was important? No. When you do occasionally reconnect, is it the same shit just a different date? Yes.

Overwhelm and suffering within are self-inflicted by our choice to connect and stay connected to the collective mind and all its fears.

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