Your madness is my sanity

What I think is madness might be what you think is sane and the other way round. I do things that I feel are sane, whatever that really is, and you will see it as mad.

All of life is subjective. An opinion, and yet we judge. ‘Why is she doing that? It’s utter madness!!’ or ‘He’s crazy, look what he’s done!’.

Many people search for the answers, search for certainty, it makes for comfort. Many want ‘normality’ as it avoids being noticed.

Yet great things come from madness, chaos and uncertainty.

Craziness is just a matter of perspective.

Labelling others as ignorant

The danger of labelling is obvious. It’s subjective and depends at which end of the telescope you are looking down.

The most ignorant thing could be to not listen to others and their views no matter how different they are to yours.

Failure to listen leads to not understanding, only hearing one part of the story leads to not understanding, and not understanding is indeed ignorance.

Ignorance comes from ignoring all aspects, all views and only listening to ours or the views of others within our echo chambers.

We could choose to open our minds and listen, often we choose not to as we fear to be wrong, so much easier to label people who believe different things to us as being ignorant.

It removes our accountability to understand different.