It just is

For all of us looking for the secret to life, the answer, the meaning of our existence, what is it all about? Don’t search anymore, there isn’t an answer and it doesn’t matter, as it will not change what is.

There isn’t a meaning, answer, secret…life is now and it is just what we choose and it is, as it is. There is no manual, no guide, no right or wrong. The searching and constant looking for an answer is what causes us the pain and suffering, it is the mind’s fear of the what might be…the future and uncertainty.

Just be and live right now, as it is, only our mind that needs to have an answer or reason. Our true essence and soul just wants to shine and experience without any reason what is happening right now.

Life just is, accept it and enjoy free from the need to always have an answer.

Accumulate experiences

Life is not about careers, pay cheques, stuff, titles, achievements and anything else that is all about our ego and the story of ‘little me’ played out in the mind.

It’s about experiences that happen right now, whatever they are…there are no good or bad experiences, that’s nonsense of the mind and its judgements, they are all learning opportunities and ways of growing ourselves on our journey.

Don’t accumulate stuff, money, or achievements…accumulate experiences.