We never stopped


There’s no red light, no sign, no need to stop, no one forced us other than we all need to stop as often as we can.

The body has had enough, the soul has had enough, we just need to stop and go with that flow. Both our mind and the collective mind convince us we need to always be going.

We always think we have to go…go to work, go to sleep, go to the shops, go, go, go…go to anything as long as we do not stay here.

Where is the time to just be, to just appreciate being alive, to just look at our surroundings, to just live life? Where does all this going take us? Is it always better somewhere else? If it is, why when we get there, we immediately want to go again?

One day we’ll stop and that’s it. We will have missed the journey and all the magic on the way simply because we never stopped to appreciate the moment. Stop now and enjoy.


The dreams and nightmares of a lifetime in the mind.

That is where almost all humans spend almost all of their waking moments, not just when they are sleeping. When we believe we have woken up from sleep, well we’ve got out of bed, but we are still in a subconscious or even unconscious state within our mind.

Thought, a continuous stream inside our head, like a tap that is always on, so much so that is it the norm, thinking but never aware of the actual moment.

The constant noise disrupts us from experiencing our real lives, it prohibits us from actually being awake and fully conscious. We rarely experience reality.

We never think about this moment, only the past or the future, two things that do not exist.

Wakening from our dream requires one simple step, become aware of our surroundings, notice things, sense things, see things, smell things, simply witness and listen to our thoughts without judgement or response and the mind goes silent. Even just to listen and feel our own breathing. This will bring us consciousness and into the moment that is our real life.

Then we realise the insanity of constant thought, most of which is destructive and adding no value.

Do we want to continue dreaming our life away or do we actually want to live it?