Trying to avoid life

we often look for the complicated, we seek the problems, we build obstacles, we look for elaborate get outs, we find ways to not show up, we seek approval or permission to stop us from starting, we look for others to seek avoidance with, we, in fact, do anything to avoid our lives.

Then we say ‘life’s too short’ or ‘if only I had more time’ or ‘you only live once’ and so on.

Our life is right now, just enjoy this moment and do something without thinking or do nothing at all, either, and it doesn’t matter, but we could choose to avoid spending every moment trying to avoid life and instead live it.

Death and taxes

These were said to be the only certainties in life.

Well, maybe as tech advances death may no longer be a certainty, taxes I suspect won’t be vanishing any time soon.

Yet we are suckers for wanting to buy certainty through school grades, lottery tickets, shortcuts, get rich quick schemes and so on. We want ever less risk and even more safety. We are sold fear and then we look to get a solution either from the arms of the industrialised complex or the state.

However, the magic of life is the uncertainty, that is what makes life dangerous, exciting, adventurous, meaningful and a struggle. Without it, there is little point. Struggle took the human race from the plains of Africa to inhabiting the entire planet and doing all the magical things in between.

We will only go backwards without risks and without a struggle.

Don’t seek certainty, seek adventure, risk and the beautiful uncertainty that life gives us if we look for it and let go of clinging to the inside of the circle with the masses. The fun is always right at the edge.