It’s amazing how much we don’t do in our life that deep within we instinctively want to do.

It’s simply because we identify with the mind-created self-image, the stories and roles that represent our ego, and therefore the mind decides that things don’t fit our story or image. Perhaps the mind decides we’re too superior for that or often not good enough.

Imagine if we stayed conscious and stopped listening to the story, just allowing the instinct from within our essence to guide us. Just the simple joy of doing and not thinking if it’s ok with our ‘story’.

Deep unconscious thoughts

Deep, deep, deep, in the dark cave that is our mind, are thoughts that are so repetitive, and almost certainly very destructive, that we are unaware of them. They are like white noise, so regular and deep in our unconscious that we do not see them in our mind-controlled state. The state we are conditioned to think of as ‘normal’.

As we practice and become more awake, conscious in this present moment, the light from within our soul, our very essence, will lighten up that dark cave.

The deeper we become conscious the more light will shine, and the harder it will be for these thought patterns to remain unobserved. If we see them, we can choose to no longer energise them and associate with them.

Gradually, as we become more aware of these deeper unconscious thoughts, they will start to fade. They can not survive the light that shines within us when we are connected to our soul and free from unconscious thoughts.

Light always dissolves the darkness of deep unconscious thought.