My dog ‘Cookie’

‘Cookie’ by Philip Dodson

My dog, Cookie, has a great life. For her it is always now, always the present moment, there is no projection into the future, care-free, no repeating mind patterns, no opinions of herself or me or others, no judgements, just unconditional love.

Amazing though as humans we look at animals and say things like ‘oh it must be boring’ or ‘it’s tough for animals’ and so on. Of course, any living soul has its challenges and for animals, they have to seek food to survive. Well Cookie doesn’t, she simply looks cute, scratches at the cupboard door where her food is kept, and boom, there is another sachet of dog food.

Animals, if they maybe look at us, might say ‘look at those humans, off to work, stuck in traffic, always wanting more and suffering all their lives from their minds’. Cookie doesn’t lay there on the sofa anxiously thinking ‘oh, that was the last sachet of food in the box, what if they don’t go to the shops, I’ll starve, I might even die’ or ‘him, the big one he’s not working, what if they can’t afford to buy more food?’ and so on. She sleeps soundly on the sofa enjoying the moment with inner peace.

Humans live mainly in the unreal unconscious dimension of the mind and its endless thought patterns and resulting suffering, never appreciating this moment and the joy of it. Animals live in the conscious real-world dimension of now, free from the burden of thought and interestingly we can choose to live in that dimension too.


I read something today that said something along the lines of people say ‘rest in peace’ when someone dies, yet we never say to them, others or ourselves, when we are alive, ‘live in peace’.

We are constantly suffering from our minds and its ego and stories, we are too unconscious in our thoughts to be anything other than consumed by our mind and possessed by it. We inflict constant suffering inside upon ourselves and outwardly on others, and collectively upon the entire human race. If you’re in any doubt about that observe how you talk to yourself inside, look at Facebook, the news or see how others interact.

We aspire to wealth, possessions, achievements, and all other manners of temporary forms that give a moment of ‘happiness’ not lasting joy, then to be followed by more moments of dissatisfaction and desire for more, bigger, better, faster, better than others.

We are not encouraged to seek inner peace or instructed on how to achieve it, we are conditioned by the collective mind to seek ‘happiness’ in the temporary forms, the pleasures, the addictions, the instant but never lasting gratifications. We are conditioned for a life of unconsciousness, a torment of the mind.

Peace will certainly come when we die as our souls are freed from the physical carnation and the mind dies too. There suffering ends. However, we do not have to wait for death to experience inner peace in life. We can have it now and for the remainder of the existence of our physical carnation.

Live in peace and disassociate from the mind and its unreal world. End suffering within, without and collectively for the human race. The peace of the universe is within all our souls we just need to choose the light from our inner spirit instead of the darkness from the mind.