Life is mainly without incident

Our day to day life is mainly without incident in reality. If we are in the moment, that is now, our real-life and only life, there is rarely anything that is worth a worry or to be fearful about. After all, we can only experience life in this present moment, past and future are of the mind. Tomorrow, when we get there is now. Yesterday does not exist.

In fact, the more conscious we are and the more in this moment we focus, the more we can experience a life without any problems. If a situation arises, we tend to calmly deal with it or not. We accept what is, is, how can it be anything other than what it is and whatever has happened, has happened, it is in a past moment and therefore unalterable and only now exists as a memory in our mind, even if it was a second ago.

However, when we stay in our minds our life situation is made up of memories of the past or projections of the future and we are completely unaware of the present moment. Our lives are therefore in our mind and are full of worry, angst, fear, anxiety, jealousy, rage, emotions, suffering and all the other things that our mind will construct for us, blissfully unaware of the moment that we are in.

A simple, peaceful, calm and joyful life is here now for all of us in this precise moment, once we step into the mind, we choose to suffer.

Dissolve your thoughts

Everyone has untapped creativity in their amazing minds. Unfortunately, it remains that way for most of our life, simply because our minds are too busy with the endlessly repeating mindstreams that serve no purpose.

Yeah, the ones like ‘you’re a failure’, ‘see, no one likes me’, ‘I was the ugliest person there’, ‘I am sure I will get fired first’, ‘they’re laughing at me’, ‘I bet she earns more than me’, and so on. We repeat the same stuff, without purpose, without any change…on and on.

Imagine if we stopped that and the mindstreams were constructive, creative and with purpose.

It could be that way, we simply need to become conscious of all these repeating thoughts and simply choose to observe them, be the silent witness. Then all that space we create, all that energy that isn’t wasted on these destructive thoughts can be turned to do the most amazing things.

Think and you sabotage. Be awake, aware and conscious and your mind becomes the most powerful tool you could imagine. We can all unlock our potential simply by giving the sabotaging thought space to be without response and it dissolves to allow us to flourish.