Nothing at all

We rush around all day long, every day, in our minds, stressing, worrying, full of angst…then it’s over! A whole lifetime went passed and we didn’t stop to notice it or enjoy it. Busy doing something but really nothing that mattered very much. We are conditioned to always be busy and if we are not the conditioning makes us feel guilty. ‘I must work harder’ we’ll tell ourselves.

When was the last time you switched off the phone, closed the laptop, stayed in your PJs and did nothing, just chilled on the sofa, read a book, had a bath, went for a walk, ate your favourite cake or perhaps even baked it?

Take days off for nothing at all.

Investing in us

We are conditioned to spend a great deal of energy, time, effort and create a lot of stress on working to gain material wealth. Then we happily spend it on things. Mainly stuff that adds no value whatsoever to our existence.

We also happily take our time and energy and spend it on others or worrying about others or how we appear to others.

Why are we then so reluctant to invest time, energy and money on our own health, happiness and growth?