A waiting performance

Dance to the tune of life, to your tune, that matches you and the life you want to have.

Don’t worry if no one else likes your tune, don’t be afraid to write your own words and to sing it at the top of your voice.

No one died from being their true authentic self. Brave enough to share their light with the world.

Many have died a slow painful life sitting on the sidelines too frightened to get up and dance.

There is a unique dance and song inside all of us that is waiting to be performed.

Consciousness and vulnerability

I’m a huge Brene Brown fan, I love her work on shame, vulnerability, showing up and living a wholehearted life. I have just watched her Netflix show, if you get a chance then well worth an hour and have a tissue or two at the ready, as vulnerability is tough but worth it.

I have written many blogs on the subject around bravery, vulnerability and how showing up requires them both. Vulnerability is the opposite of weakness. Watching Brene today, I realised that there is one other factor to vulnerability, it is only possible if, like everything we do, we do it when we are conscious and in this present moment. We cannot be vulnerable in the past or in the future, we have to always be it now.

Otherwise, the moment you go into the mind, the mind will sabotage and put up the vulnerability shields to protect its ego. It will do everything to stop us exposing the real us.

Our inner spiritual essence is vulnerable, loving, and full of joy, the only way to show up is to be in the moment and conscious, to be authentically us. Our light that we show to others is there because we stayed conscious and showed up, we were willing to be vulnerable.