It’s insane

We have huge potential to do amazing things and yet we waste that potential trapping ourselves in our mind, where we simply re-live the past or act out the future, mapped against a self-image that the mind has created and will protect at all costs from being ‘destroyed’.

If we stop an analyse what our mind is doing sub-consciously on a minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, in fact, a lifetime basis, we’d realise the insanity of it all.

We are all insane to inflict emotional pain, and the resulting physical pain, upon ourselves almost continuously throughout our lives. If we are conscious, no one would do it to themselves. Why would we inflict any pain emotional or physical on ourselves?

It’s madness.

What if we just did in the now, be in the now, and stopped the analysis? What if we just consciously lived our lives moment by moment?

What could we achieve? How much better would we feel? Could we live free, without problems that we continually imagine in our minds?

Imagine a world free from this insanity.

Saying what we fear

Just saying what we fear to say, like jumping off the high diving board, once you’ve said it, and realise that the reaction is often a million times better than we’d imagined for hours, days, weeks, months or even years that we have been thinking about, you then want to do it more.

It’s amazingly liberating to become brave, but amazingly hard to get to that point.

As the saying goes ‘just do it’ as fear is actually our guide and compass. We never fear things that do not matter.