Yeah, I can help, but…

Sure others can help and many are more than willing to help. In fact, often we are over-bearing in our eagerness to helps others.

However, we have to help ourselves, as by taking responsibility and ownership enables to us change. Only we can change ourselves, however, only when we are ready to open up to that change. It has to come from inside our soul. We have to listen to our own wisdom and intuition.

If we are engaged with the mind and the helpful minds of others, which are laced with ours and their egos, then we will suppress and override our own deep inner feelings and the real us will not blossom.

Sure people can help but it is us that can help ourselves from within our soul.

You are….

Often parents, teachers, bosses and others, tell us what we are.

You are an extrovert, you are shy, you are not a people person, you are not good at x or y, you are….

Most often what they are telling us we are is a critical judgement not a positive affirmation. 

The voices of others mould and shape us, often to a place that we do not like, to being a person truly we are not. However, it takes a long time to realise this and the longer you accept the view of others, the longer it takes to overcome.

Listen to you view of you, it is one that matters.

Don’t be afraid to speak out and set the boundaries with others, be brave to voice who you really are to the world.

Tell yourself what you really are and be that person regardless of what others say.

It is our life and our choices, make the ones that serve you best.