There is always a way

I was out walking the dog today in one of our most loved places in nature and came across my favourite tree that I often sit on.

I was struck today as I looked at it that nature can teach us so many things. The tree had clearly at some point suffered a major catastrophe in its life and had fallen down.

But it adapted, survived and is clearly flourishing despite what would seem to be its end by falling down.

We can always find a way to recover and flourish from anything. We can accept what is, be at peace within and look for solutions now.

Give it a go

We fear doing something because we say ‘what if it goes wrong?’ or ‘I might mess it up’.

However, there are two things, if we do mess it up there is the learning that comes from messing it up. Secondly, every single moment in life is a new beginning, the never ending ‘now’ moment.

Messed it up, no bother do it again or take a different path, choose a new option, whatever. It just doesn’t matter, we’re only here once, just give a go.