The greater the challenge

Accepting what is, is easy when, say it’s a bit of rain or you’ve lost a pen, however, much more challenging when it’s the loss of a loved one or a serious illness or whatever that is seen as serious.

Yet the most challenging situations bring us the most suffering if we do not accept what is.

Whatever happens in our life situations, in this moment, it has already happened and we can not alter it. All we can choose is not to suffer, to be at peace with everything that is.

The greater the challenge, the greater our growth is.

Our life situation

Our life situation which consists of the past and the future are all in our heads, well our minds to be precise.

They do not exist in the real world because all that exists is this present moment.

We can only have situations that arise now, which we will either be able to deal with now or not.

Our life situation creates all our pain. Stay present and all the pain goes.