Leave the fork in the draw

If I said to you ‘get a fork out of the draw and stab yourself with it all day long’ the response would more than likely be ‘no!!! that’s crazy…why would anyone do that?’

Yet mentally we choose to stab ourselves with a fork all day long and make ourselves suffer from our mind and its ego. We choose how we react to anything, whether or not to let it matter and affect us. We choose whether or not to accept what is or suffer denying it. We choose to resist what is and suffer trying to make it different when that is impossible.

Leave the fork in the draw and be kind to yourself and choose not to suffer.

Best to choose nothing

What bothers us and causes us suffering is what we choose to resist and not accept.

If we accept others as they are and if we accept what has happened has happened, then we can be at peace within.

It does not mean that outwardly we can not voice a difference of views or say that something isn’t right about a situation but it will come from a place of peace. Additionally, if we are free from our mental attachment to what is bothering us, then we will feel no need to defend our position at all costs. Most of the suffering from denying what is comes from our fight and resistance to what is and this come in the form of outward confrontation with others.

This confrontation not only causes suffering for us but for others too. We take our inner turmoil and spill it out onto others.

So if we are in a place of inner acceptance to all that is and what is, then we can be at peace inside and this will greatly benefit our mind, body and soul and will share that light with others.

We choose what will bother us, best to choose nothing.