Stuff versus experiences

All of those possessions we spend a lifetime accumulating like ego trophies end up in charity shops, recycling centres or trashed.

Instead we could spend a lifetime accumulating experiences that stay in the hearts, minds and souls of all we share them with.

We aren’t here for stuff…we are here to experience.

Go for a splash

Often people complain about rain.

It’s just water, if we get wet, we can dry ourselves.

Without rain as with sunshine, there would be no life.

We have become detached from nature and the elements.

There’s also great fun to be had by splashing in puddles and just letting go. Look how much animals, especially your pet dog loves water.

Finally, the rain is there whether we complain or not. We can enjoy peace within by accepting what is and just always looking for the best in any moment.

Go out next time it rains with the sole intention of having fun and splashing in puddles and to get wet. After all, we’ll have an eternity of being dry.