Get muddy like the dog

A while back I splashed out and purchased some expensive walking/hiking boots, as I walk 3-4 miles a day with the dog in all weathers.

The boots are designed for hiking in mud hell with weather that creates natural disasters!

So really OTT for walking in light woodland in the UK.

However, when I first bought them, and for several weeks, I would say to myself ‘walk round that mud or puddle, don’t want to get the boots dirty or ruin them’!!! I found myself avoiding the kind of terrain they were designed for in case I spoilt them.

Then one day as I was about to avoid the mud swamp in the rain, I stopped myself and said ‘WTF’ then laughed out loud and jumped two-footed in with mud and water flying all over me and the dog. The dog was ecstatic, this her idea of heaven, laying in a muddy puddle and finally she thought ‘he gets it at last’.

Then it reminded me of how often in life we avoid getting ‘muddy’, letting go and just enjoying the moment based on fear. We hold back so much based on our mind and its never-ending repeating thought patterns.

Animals, especially our pets, can teach us so much about the joy of now and freedom that letting go can bring us.

Be in the moment and get muddy like the dog as often as you can.

Walk lightly

Walk lightly on this earth
Step with peace
Notice the world
Smell the air
Breathe in the atmosphere

Smile to another
Laugh at the situation
Skip and jump
See the birds
Touch the trees

Walk lightly on this earth
There is no rush
Enjoy where you are
Don’t hurry to the next place
Be in this moment

Walk lightly on this earth
Be at one with all that is
Walk lightly on this earth
And do not burn it
Walk lightly on this earth
It is where our soul is now
Walk lightly on this earth
Be at one with nature and learn