The background

Sitting still in the sun, listening to the rustling of leaves in the tree, the songs of many birds near and far, distant voices, wind chimes…the more I listen the more sounds I notice.

I notice my breathing, the moving of my body as I inhale and exhale, still the birds twitter. I feel the environment, I notice all. I am calm and peaceful.

These things are there always, the background that surrounds every moment. We can instantly connect to it and become still and at peace within it.

The thing is we rarely notice them as we drown them out with our repetitive thoughts. We are unaware of background. We are unconscious.

Being aware of the background means being conscious and free of thought. It means being life in this moment.

Stillness contained in the background of awareness.

Walk lightly

Walk lightly on this earth
Step with peace
Notice the world
Smell the air
Breathe in the atmosphere

Smile to another
Laugh at the situation
Skip and jump
See the birds
Touch the trees

Walk lightly on this earth
There is no rush
Enjoy where you are
Don’t hurry to the next place
Be in this moment

Walk lightly on this earth
Be at one with all that is
Walk lightly on this earth
And do not burn it
Walk lightly on this earth
It is where our soul is now
Walk lightly on this earth
Be at one with nature and learn