Our inner self

When was the last time we actually sat by the fire, no devices, no distractions, and sat and watched the fire? Or it could be the sea, the leaves blowing across the park, the rain running down the window, observing an animal, sat in nature listening to a bird sing.

Then, while in that peaceful relaxed state have we taken time to observe our inner self? Simply feel our inner energy, just be in that moment.

If you haven’t, it’s worth a try at least once, see if it changes anything for you.

We miss so much of the simplicity around us and the life energy within us all and what it can do for us.

Connection with nature

If you are ever having one of those days or actually to avoid having one of those days, seek out nature, seek out to be just with yourself and the natural outdoors.

Go sit by the sea, or a river, walk in a park, sit on the bench and watch the world go by. Look up and seek out things we do not see often as we rarely look up from the pavement.

Be in the elements, the wind, the rain, cold, enjoy the vitamin D blast from the sun.

We as humans have only been urbanised for a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of our history and we need all the well-being boost that nature gives. It totally re-energises us.

Connect with nature and ourselves.