This weekend I am visiting Lulworth Cove which is on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.

The coast’s geological history spans a 185 million years and spectacular erosion has created this cove and other amazing features along the coast here.

Amazing to think that this has been around for millions of years to create and yet us as humans have destroyed so much more in so much less time.

If you want to see nature and be at peace, seek out places like this, they are literally all over the world. Here we can reconnect and be truly grateful for the wonderful planet we are privileged to be able to call home.

Lacking something

If you’re ever feeling lacking or a need to bring about change, don’t look for strategies, don’t look for solutions, don’t rush for a self-help book, a workshop, an online course, or a guru.

Just spend some time in nature, around animals, allow yourself to reconnect with the natural world, the more times the better, immerse yourself in the countryside, a big long walk is about as complicated as your “strategy” needs to be. Switch off your mind and just observe your surroundings.

Nature and simplicity provide all we need.