The background and us

The background is always there
The silence is the canvas
Upon the canvas bees buzz
Birds sing and leaves rustle
Stillness and creation together

The background is our anchor
It is the consciousness of life
It is a continuous stream of light
All the noises are contained there
The time is always now there

When we are within our mind
The background is still there
We are just not aware
We do not feel it but it’s there
We loss our connection to it

When we are free from thought
We become one with all that is
The background contains all
We here it, see it, feel it
We experience it and simple joy

The background is our friend
We can learn so much
We become it in this moment
We are awake and alive
The background envelopes us
The background holds us

The background is the universe
It is the beautiful nature
It is peace and unconditional
The background is always there
Once we are it’s friend we know
We become it too

It’s raining

I love the rain, it brings a crisp clean air, it washes away, it renews, it brings life, it is joy.

Without rain nothing would exist.

Also, it’s great to just stand in the rain and experience the feeling and the joy of the water droplets falling onto your head, and face and skin. To just be with nature, with this moment, to just exist in a state of peace.

Splash in a puddle, in fact, jump right into it and get really soaked.

Joy comes from the most basic simple things, yet we are conditioned to be searching for the next ‘big’ thing. Happiness can be experience always in this moment from the simple, basic, so called ‘ordinary’ things.

Get out and enjoy the rain.