Just be and inspire

Our egos trick us into believing that others need changing or fixing, they need to fit in with our story, world view and how we see the way to behave is.

The thing is they don’t need changing or fixing, no one does and whatever we think, is just what we think. That’s all.

When we let go of that we then focus on ourselves and what we are doing. That’s all we control. Often though, by focusing on ourselves, we grow and start to inspire others without the need to tell them or fix them or help them. We live our values and beliefs instead of telling others what theirs should be.

Just be and inspire, don’t tell, fix or pressure and burden others.


We do not need to set out to help others…people are not broken and do not need fixing.

Yet we set out with what we believe is a good intention to change or fix others as they appear broken through the lens of our mind’s view of them. They haven’t asked to be fixed or changed and what was good for our journey isn’t their journey. We are all on our own path.

Of course, we can be a light and example for others to help them if they need it or to inspire them.

After all, a lighthouse does not sail the seas looking for ships to help, it shines its light for them when they need it.