If it is not broken don’t fix it

This true to a certain extent.

If the car is running fine, well perhaps leave it alone, don’t tinker with it. However, if we don’t get it serviced, change tyres and so on, it may not continue to work so fine.

We may be doing a good job, the money is coming in and everyone is happy. However, what if technology changes and we need a new skill to do our jobs and we don’t have it and someone else does? So then the job may not be going so well, perhaps we could have invested in keeping up to date with changes occurring and learnt some new skills.

The point is the mentality of ‘if it is not broken don’t fix it’ maintains the status quo and safe is the new risky in today’s world. We could choose to be working on getting even better as a habit, a daily ritual, then it’s not about maintenance, it’s about improving, doing our best, making a difference.

Also, the status quo becomes dull, uninteresting and lacking in rewards. The exciting things happen when we break things and find out how to fix them and make them even better.

Breaking things changes the world not fixing leaves everything as is.

The temptation to fix

When someone close to you is suffering, or perhaps in your opinion, not making the right choices, then there is a well-intentioned temptation to fix them.

We base a good deal of this on our own experiences in life and feel the need to impart our lessons to others, as Stephen Covey would say, in an autobiographical way.

However, others rarely want to hear our stories versus being able to tell theirs. They even more rarely want you to tryto fix them, especially as most often the case is, we haven’t even listened to them. We’ve simply based our ideas looking at it through our lens, so entirely from our perspective.

We all have uniquely different journeys and sets of experiences and the only way we can even provide any useful advice is to first listen and understand and secondly avoid the ‘well, when I was doing…’ type of advice.

People aren’t broken, listen without judgement and with empathy to understand them and give advice if asked.

Washing machines and cars need fixing not people.