Only us

Only we can solve our challenges in life.

Sure we can get ideas and get support from others. Of course, help from others can inspire us but that’s it, we have to do the doing. We have to commit.

Often though we look to the exterior world and others to provide us the answers to our problems that we actually already know the answer to. We hope they’ll fix us!

It is just we do not want to commit to the sacrifices needed to make those changes within. We are attached to our mind and its negative thought patterns so we are in a state of fear within. Also, we become the suffering, it becomes our story, our persona and therefore the ego does not want change and it will sabotage attempts to do so.

There is a strange comfort in our unhappiness and we fear making that first step to change.

We hide behind the things we can not control rather than take the steps ourselves.

Only we can know what the answer is for us and only we can make those changes. The first step is all we need to do and do it now. That way we detach ourselves from the fear of the mind and its sabotage. We free ourselves from thought by becoming in the moment and conscious. Thought can no longer frighten us.

Then we can take the next step and so on. One moment and one step at a time we can change anything we want. Each moment is a new start, a fresh beginning. However, once we start to think and look beyond now then we slip back into the mind.

Just be and inspire

Our egos trick us into believing that others need changing or fixing, they need to fit in with our story, world view and how we see the way to behave is.

The thing is they don’t need changing or fixing, no one does and whatever we think, is just what we think. That’s all.

When we let go of that we then focus on ourselves and what we are doing. That’s all we control. Often though, by focusing on ourselves, we grow and start to inspire others without the need to tell them or fix them or help them. We live our values and beliefs instead of telling others what theirs should be.

Just be and inspire, don’t tell, fix or pressure and burden others.