Let each other be

What we choose in life is our choice and ours alone, it is not for anyone to say it is right or wrong. Equally, other people and what they choose is the same.

Leave others to be, let them live their lives, we do not own or control other souls.

However, we are conditioned to be always looking and judging other people and their choices, turning always to how it affects us and our story. That is the key element, it is ego driven. How does this affect me, can I be a victim here or can I take an opportunity to feel superior over someone else and judge them as wrong or making a poor choice.

If we all let each other to be and let each other live our lives, then this also transfers to the collective too.

Not meant to be

Knowing when enough is enough is always difficult when the thing or person we are chasing, or pushing, or trying to control involves a mind-attachment. When a thing or person become part of our story, we attach a mental ownership of them or it. We can not accept not being able to control it or them, we cling on no matter what.

This is where we are suffering from loss, or rejection or they or it is not how we want them or it to be. We are in pain from not being able to control.

Suffering always comes from denial of what is, the lack of acceptance causes resistance within and in the exterior world, which brings the pain to us and to others.

We feel the need to control or manipulate and fix others, or situations, like they are ours.

When we accept that the only thing we can control is ourselves and that if we try to control, manipulate, or fix others it will always lead to pain for us and for them.

Let everything be as it is, let others be as they are and if we just be, without intent or attachment, then we can all be at peace. When we try to create something by trying to control things it never happens. If we just be our true essence, then things will unfold as they are meant to be.

Somethings are not meant to be as we want, accept it and be at peace. What we already have right now is always all we need, we just need to focus on what we have and be grateful.