If we remove the barriers

People don’t have to get us.

They don’t have to like us.

We don’t have to get or like them.

They don’t have to please us or us, them.

People can have a different view, as can we.

Others can choose their own path.

They are free to do as they please, just like us.

We don’t need permission.

We don’t need my approval.

Everything we all require is within us, we don’t have to burden others.

We are worthy…no matter what.

It’s our own journey and we’re free to choose.

This moment is ours to do as we please.

If we remove the barriers, the judgement, the control…we all become closer, we become one.

Habits are in control

Switch the autopilot on and spend the rest of our time in our repeating thought patterns. The same outcome or worse comes and so our frustration rises. Doesn’t sound very inviting, yet it is often how we spend our life.

We are not born with a single habit, so we either build them ourselves or others condition our mind with them. it gets to the stage that 95% or more of our daily life is habitual, on autopilot and we notice nothing, just one thought after another thought, the same ones as the day before.

If we catch ourselves in our habitual pattern, become conscious, we can, of course, make a note to stop that, to change it, as it does not fit with our true essence. If we do not catch ourselves, then the repeating habits carry on and on and on.

It’s our choice, repeat or change…changing requires effort, sacrifice and acceptance of who we are. We can not grow and expand as a soul if we allow the repeating habitual patterns of the mind to dominate.