Be life

When we wait for others to change or if we look to blame them for our situation in life, then we are allowing our mind to possess us and for our thoughts to control.

If we stay conscious and aware, we do not look to change or blame others, we accept what is, we choose to be in the moment that is now and life simply flows from our true inner being.

Simplicity and being in the dimension beyond thought is how we see other living souls as they are and it is how we allow ourselves to be life not have a limited life in our minds.

What we choose

Choose the lighter side of things over the darker.

Choose to see fun over being serious.

Choose to laugh and smile not frown or growl.

Choose love over hate.

Choose to understand rather than judge.

Choose to support rather than criticise.

Choose to see the good rather than search for the bad.

Choose the present moment over the past and future of the mind.

Choose living over the thinking.

Choose your very essence not the sabotage of the mind.

Choose just to be rather than following the ego and its story.

It’s strange what we choose in life and even more strange that we are surprised by our choices.

You and I control the choices we make.