Accept it

The more we want something to happen, the less it does.

If we accept what is and allow things to happen as they are and let life unfold without any pressure, then what is meant to be will happen.

Of course, we may not be happy with what unfolds, but if we accept that within that everything happens as it is meant to and is outside of our control, then we can be at peace within whatever the outcome.

There are no good or bad experiences, only learning. It is the mind that wants to label things good or bad and as a result, we allow ourselves to suffer.

It is what it is, accept it and be at peace.


It is always the simple things in life that bring us most joy. Yet we are always looking into the future for the next big thing.

The ‘ordinary’ moment is where all the magic is and in the ‘big moment’ when it arrives it is in reality just another ‘ordinary’ moment.

Life is always now, this moment, that is the only time anything is real, all the rest is in our head. In our head, we always are someone else, either a past moment or a future moment. Reliving the last ‘big’ thing or looking forward to the next ‘big’ thing.

The biggest thing in all our journeys always happens now and we create them now. What we imagine is just that imagination and a denial of what already is, hoping that the next moments are better and when we do get there, we want to be somewhere even better.

When we accept life is a simple existence that happens now, joy is always there, when we look for something bigger or better we are always disappointed and lacking.