Dependency on others for our sense of worth, joy and fulfilment leads to resentment and a feeling of burden in them, and in us a feeling of disappointment when they are not satisfied by them.

Our fulfilment and joy are within. If we look inward instead of outward, we’ll find all that we need. We do not need others to be at peace, to have joy and to be fulfiled. That does not mean we do not want to spend time with others, it is simply removing the dependency element. True belonging is not about fitting in and relying on others, it is about being authentically ourselves and true.

Love being with others but do not depend on them, we’ll be happier and so will they.

Sacrifice the easy

Whatever you put on your wishlist in life there has to be a moment when you are prepared to say ‘what will I sacrifice to get what I wish for?’

Nothing of any note is achieved without showing up and giving up on the ‘easy’ pleasures and being prepared to be patient and forgo.

Sacrificing the easy leads to expansion and a life that we wish for.