Love conquers all

Don’t wait for others
Don’t wait for the weather to change
Don’t wait for permission
Don’t let your dreams fade
Don’t wait for more money
Don’t wait for more time
You have all that you need right now

Give without conditions
Be kind without conditions
Love without conditions
Be the leader you want to see
Be the change you want to see
Be the person you want to be
Do not worry what others think

Think different
Be curious
Have a purpose
And make your stay on this rock count
Life is fragile
We have the sunrise and sunset today
Be grateful for all that we have
Look for what you have got already not what you don’t
Seek peace
Seek love
Laugh, smile, cry, sing, hug, be grateful

Life is a gift to treasure
We do not know for how long
Remember the ones we loved who are gone
Make it count with the people who matter always
One time here, one life, love conquers all

The best time to be alive

Is now.

Our life is now, this moment.

It is the only time that matters.

The past has gone and the future we want is built by what we do now.

Sure things can be better, however, if we appreciate what we have right now this moment and forget what we do not have, then we live in the moment and value life more and savour the experience of our lives.

Don’t look for better times, we already have the best.