Are you breathing?

If you’re breathing currently in this eternal now moment, then you are alive.

The gift that we all have is this moment, we do not have a life, we are life.

When we are simply grateful for the gift that is to be life and all its endless possibilities, then we can be at peace and experience joy.

Good or bad only exists in the mind. When we are just being in this moment, everything is a fresh new start, we can choose.

The secret to life

The secret to success isn’t found in someone else, or in a self-help book or looking on the internet.

We are born with the secret and we die with it. Life is a gift. We are life and every breath is a reminder that we are alive.

The secret is we alone get to choose everything including what matters or not. If we choose not to allow things to make us suffer within, to not bother us, then we will live a peaceful life.

Don’t let it bother you.