It’s real life

‘Old Father Thames’ by Philip Dodson

Take a moment, right now, this very instance and breathe, in slowly and out slowly. Notice your belly expand and contract as you take each breath. Breath in and out for maybe a minute or 5, it doesn’t matter, it only matters that you are aware of your breathing.

Sit still and listen, notice the background sounds like a ticking clock or birds tweeting, notice the smells, see without labelling it, just look.

Take this moment and repeat this for a few minutes and then notice what’s changed. Of course, if you feel more peaceful and calm, then you could choose to repeat this more often, in fact, as much as you can.

Consciousness is real life as it is only found in this moment, we can not be it in the past or the future, they are just fantasies of our minds

Breath, it’s underrated

Breathing is like the sea in and out always.

Breath is the centre of life and is always there.

If we find ourselves in fear, anger, hate, frustration, anxiety, sadness…just return to our breath, focus on it, count it, make it deep, fully in and fully out. Just breathe.

Stay with your breath as it brings us right to this moment now and it brings us consciousness, it silences thought and allows our inner energy to come through.

Breath is calm, peace and life.