Work less

The antithesis to what we are conditioned to do. We are programmed from early childhood and throughout our entire lives to keep working harder, hustle, be active, get to it, don’t stop…

Work less, consume less, have a simpler life, recycle, repair, reuse, don’t accumulate stuff, be free from attachment.

The reason that we need to work more is to keep pace with the ‘lifestyle’ we’ve been sold, where the only winners are the owners of that ‘lifestyle’ we just keep buying.

No one lies on their death bed and wishes they’d worked more. They wish they had spent more time with their friends, family, laughed more, travelled more, done all those things that work got in the way of.

Work less and have more joy.

Content consumption

We used to read a newspaper in the morning or watch TV news at 9pm once a day.

Now we have 24-hour news channels, online news (fake and real), social media and more.

We used to call our friends once a week and share photos of our holiday once a year with family or friends.

Now we Snapchat them every few moments and upload pictures of ourselves, our lunch, our pets, our bikini, drops of rain running down windows, paint drying…you get the picture.

We used to read a magazine once a week or at the Doctor’s waiting room.

Now we have millions of blog sites, podcasts, and other online articles and information.

So what?

Has all this content consumption made any difference to our lives? Are we more purposeful? More healthy? Better informed? More educated? More represented? freer? More in control? Live with more meaning? More alive? More respectful? More empathetic? More anything that the content elicits we should do. Does any of this gorging of words and images get applied to our lives?

Perhaps we are just consumed by content, like some addictive disease and forgetting the essential thing, to actually live our lives in the present moment, the only moment we are actually alive. Is this the opium to avoid life?