Why do we eat all the time?

Why do we eat all the time?

Mr Kelloggs created for the whole of the world the concept that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. Funnily enough, I bet you your parents or your school teacher or somebody told you that. Even funnier, Mr Kelloggs sold breakfast cereal. I know, a shock.

We not only eat breakfast straight after waking up, normally, but we also have a mid-morning snack, that’s to keep us going, then we have lunch because it’s important not to skip meals, and then we have more snacks, to keep us perky and full of energy, just in case on a daily basis we are climbing a mountain or swimming the Atlantic ocean, then it’s dinner time, we might even on special occasions have pre-dinner snacks AKA as nibbles, then just before bed, in case we are back to more ocean swimming or mountaineering during the night, we’ll have some supper/snack or something.

The problem with this type of daily activity is manyfold, firstly, we tend to overeat, secondly, it’s costly, and thirdly our body works inefficiently as we are used to constantly receiving energy so the body only ever burns glucose and not our fat reserves and lastly, the planet suffers from our excessive consumption.

If we eat fewer meals in a smaller time window, of say 5-6 hours, we run our bodies leanly. This habit of eating has become fashionably known as ‘fasting’ as if we all are suddenly becoming religious and are starving ourselves.

If we look at other species on the planet, unless they are domesticated pets, they eat infrequently and tend to be lean, unless they carry excess fat in colder conditions or to survive hibernation over the winter. 

We do not need to eat often and we would be physically healthier for it. However, the machine that is the commercialised food industry has convinced us otherwise and if we really want to be healthier and save the planet, we’d be better off eating less and less often. It’s not fasting it is normal eating.

My 30 day challenges, day 18 – by Philip Dodson

Today is day 18, on the home stretch, a lot less days to go than I have done. The good news is that, I thought by now that I’d be really looking forward to re-introducing some of things I’ve cut out, actually it has made me want them less.

So I had a visit at the hub today from my wellbeing Guru @wellbeingsarah aka Sarah Martin, who felling guilty for making me workout at 7.00 am on my birthday the other week, brought cakes. Although, I hear you say ‘that’s no good’, trying to help me be more healthy and then bringing cakes, not only that, insisting on me having more.

So here is today’s pic of the said cakes!

pic 18

These however were no ordinary muffins, they were in fact made with coconut flour! Who knew such a thing existed. Since Sarah mentioned that she was making muffins from coconut flour, I have been perplexed, I get how you get milk from a coconut, but flour!

Anyway not only were the muffins delicious, they are nowhere near as calorific as normal cakes & gluten free. They had lot’s of other healthy benefits, which I can’t remember now.

Sarah and I were having a meeting, not just eating muffins, about running a seminar, followed by a exercise & wellbeing course at the hub. Run by Sarah, you’ll be pleased to hear.

It’s important for all of us to look at our overall wellbeing. Very often as business owners, we overlook many elements such as diet, exercise, stress, sleep, and other factors that have a big impact on health and overall physical & mental wellness. I’m starting to sound like a medical expert – uh oh.

Sarah initially had me on a diary on my diet, exercise, stress and sleep. Simply doing that made a big difference and helped me to identify things I needed to change. This was a big part in making the choices I did for my 8 ’30 day’ challenges. She then went through an exercise routine, that I could easily do first thing in the morning at home or at the hub – so I was stumped, couldn’t wheel out the usual excuses as to why I had no time.

The net result of all this is, I am sleeping better, eating more healthily, losing weight and getting fitter.

The key to this, like anything else, is setting a goal and taking small frequent steps to reach it and that is the same for anything in life or business.

Small steps and a goal = results.

It is that simple, yet often we complicate things.