I blogged recently about how good a medicine for life laughter is, well, so is the sun. Just the boast to our vitamin D levels alone apart from the warming feeling and relaxation sitting in the sun can bring.

It’s good for the body and good for the mind.

Then you can add walking in nature, sitting by a river, sitting by the sea, walking through a field of tall grass and running your hands through it. Sitting watching a fire and so on.

The simple things, that have somewhat evaporated from our lives are the best things to make us feel good, to lift us, to even heal us.

The all cost nothing and are often easily accessible.

Instead, we often opt to numb ourselves with comfort food, alcohol or hide in trash TV, social media, the internet and any other short-term dopamine fixes we can find.

Get out in the sunshine.

Never stop daydreaming


‘Stop daydreaming and pay attention’ is something that we have all heard, especially when we were a child at school.

The fact is the world would be a much better place if we all daydreamed regularly, essential for children and as adults too.

Daydreaming is a happy place, where we suspend our normal daily environment and often fantasise, imagine ambitions becoming reality, visions of our own personal success. It’s where the mind can wander and be free to dare, to create, to allow magic into our lives.

If we are to remain open, excited, expectant about our own future, happy and full of life, we must detach ourselves from the world and dream.

It’s essential to our wellbeing to believe in good things coming to us in the future.

Paying attention to what? Paying attention to the message of compliance from the system or dreaming of our own success and retaining idealism, naivety and hope.

What will you daydream about?