WWW is 30

The World Wide Web is 30 today according to Google’s homepage.

Humans in their current form have been around for approximately 200,000 years.

How did we get here as humans without having the internet for 199,970 years of 200,000?

We need to think about what we rely on and how much it really matters, except for of course when you read this blog, then you’ll need WWW. However, saying that, before it would have been a column in a paper or the spoken word.

We don’t need WWW as much as many believe.

Old school tickets

We can get virtually any ticket delivered to our smartphones, yet at my coworking space plenty of people myself included, OK so I am old, but most of the others are young, still print off their train ticket, boarding passes, and other tickets.


It’s the same reason that we still buy books, vinyl record sales are making a huge comeback, we still buy CDs, more and more people are doing art and other crafts. It’s the same reason people still buy paper notebooks when you could use Evernote.

We are humans and we like physical things, we like to hold the ticket, we trust it. We like to create with our hands and feel things in our hands.

Not everything is better in a digital version.