I blogged recently about how good a medicine for life laughter is, well, so is the sun. Just the boast to our vitamin D levels alone apart from the warming feeling and relaxation sitting in the sun can bring.

It’s good for the body and good for the mind.

Then you can add walking in nature, sitting by a river, sitting by the sea, walking through a field of tall grass and running your hands through it. Sitting watching a fire and so on.

The simple things, that have somewhat evaporated from our lives are the best things to make us feel good, to lift us, to even heal us.

The all cost nothing and are often easily accessible.

Instead, we often opt to numb ourselves with comfort food, alcohol or hide in trash TV, social media, the internet and any other short-term dopamine fixes we can find.

Get out in the sunshine.

It’s a revolution, no more jelly beans.

IMG_2992 (1)

So earlier in the week I blogged about changing the world with soap, so continuing in that vein, I now bring fruit into the revolution.

It’s easy this changing the world stuff, a bit of environmentally friendly soap, no more plastic bottles, and now fruit.

For those who know @Work Hubs, will know it for the trademark Jelly Beans, it has been the source of many a social interaction. However, I have thought for a while about this, and as it has been so synonymous with the place, that it felt like I was about to cut my arm off (OK maybe a little dramatic).

However, the biscuit jar and the jelly beans was not sitting well with my values and what I stand for. I don’t eat hardly any refined sugar any more. I used to eat a lot of it, and consequences weren’t pretty.

So here I was not eating it, yet happily giving it to my members at the hub.

The response has been good, better than I had feared, I was envisioning a mutiny. I feel better for doing it, knowing that people can eat fruit, sugar/additive free Nakd bars, and fruit & seed mix. They will feel better for it too.

So again, you don’t change the world with a bit of fruit, soap and glass bottles. However, you can start to make your difference step-by-step.

I hope that by sharing this, it will encourage others to make small changes too.

The sugar is a big thing for me, as I have grown up in a world, where sugar has become the biggest and most damaging drug. The damage that it is doing to human kind is huge.

My New World Project is all about making change and it is just starting, I’m on step 4 of the 1,000 mile journey and all I hope is to make my difference and inspire others too.