The body is a reflection of the mind

When we feel something inside us, a disturbance, when we feel something in our bodies that isn’t right, do not look for something physical, look to the mind.

Our emotions and physical state is a reflection of the state of our mind.

When we are at peace and detached from thought, then there is a physical calmness within the body. The opposite is true when the mind is active.

Often, we say ‘I’m OK’, then if we check our body, then we sense all the emotions, turbulence, then we can know that the deep subconscious activity of our deepest thoughts and negative repeating patterns of thought is there and causing disturbance.

The body is a reflection of the mind. If we are mentally silent and at peace within, then the body will reflect that.

Looking to others

We look always to others.

They will help me learn, their diet will make me slim, her book will teach me, I can be a success if they help me…and so on.

The thing is we are responsible for our own health, spirituality, learning, growth, expansion, and actions. Sure others can be examples to follow, an inspiration, but it is up to us to be the light and the example, to be responsible for our own soul and helping it to flourish.

If we rely on others, we are effectively becoming possessed by the minds of others and we are allowing ourselves a get-out to avoid making the sacrifices ourselves. We don’t have to show up.

We can choose to take ownership of what we do and it is more purposeful and nourishing to our spirit.