Worth a try?

What do we tell ourselves internally? How do we speak to ourselves?

My guess…we speak badly to ourselves, we tell ourselves all kinds of stories based on the psychological fears that our mind creates.

Interestingly we do not say good things to ourselves, we don’t focus being kind to ourselves.

This is a choice that we make every day, without hesitation, in our unconscious mind-state, we are not even aware of these repeating patterns, and we are not aware of the damage it does to our mental and physical health.

We could, of course, choose to become more conscious and step away from the unkind narratives. Just think how things would change if we decided to be kind to ourselves. Worth a try?

What we accept

What we accept is what we will get from others.

It is up to ourselves to let the world know what is and isn’t acceptable to us.

If we do not respect our own values, no one else will.

Following the crowd is easy and yet painful.

Being ourselves starts off hard and become easy and fulfilling.

The pain of being in the crowd lasts a lifetime, being brave eases the pain into happiness.

Accept what you choose to and live with the outcome of that choice.

Bravery to stay firm is just a habit.