Change of focus

When our journey comes to an end, what will we wish we had done more of?

I wish I had more money? I wish I’d worked harder? I wish I had a bigger car/house/job/etc? I wish I had created more? Maybe all of them?

Or perhaps, here are some ideas that are often not talked about, I wish that I had loved more? I wish I had been kinder? I wish I had listened more? I wish I had been more understanding?

We spend a lifetime focused on more stuff instead we could focus on more love, kindness, understanding and listening. I wonder what a world would be like if we changed our focus?

Accumulate experiences

Life is not about careers, pay cheques, stuff, titles, achievements and anything else that is all about our ego and the story of ‘little me’ played out in the mind.

It’s about experiences that happen right now, whatever they are…there are no good or bad experiences, that’s nonsense of the mind and its judgements, they are all learning opportunities and ways of growing ourselves on our journey.

Don’t accumulate stuff, money, or achievements…accumulate experiences.