True prosperity

True prosperity is something we all have but do not realise it.

If we chase money, wealth, what we do not have, sure we can be motivated and driven. But when we get the perceived prosperity, we will still not be prosperous. We will still deep down be discontented and wanting more, we will have already moved onto future increased fake prosperity, so we will not even appreciate the extra wealth.

True prosperity is this precise moment that you are reading this. That is because this present moment is our only real life. If we adopt gratitude now for all that we have and accept that is what we have right now, then we will give up on the pursuit of fake prosperity and be truly at peace with all that we have already.

Constantly wanting to be in the future, with it’s projected hope and salvation means we are always waiting, instead of enjoying the only true prosperous moment, life now.

What we have already

What we have already in life is everything we need to live an amazing, joyful and meaningful life.

All that is needed is to accept this and focus on what we have and not what we do not have.

Life is a journey with endless choices that we make and choosing to accept that we have everything we need and viewing everything else that comes to us as a bonus, allows us to let go of all negativity associated with chasing what we do not have.