Be your own happiness

When we search outside ourselves for someone or something to fulfil us, to bring us happiness, to fix us, to…whatever, it never brings us anything other than disappointment.

We place an expectation on things, events, other people and so on, however, it always fails as things, people etc will always fall short of our expectation.

Suffering is the difference between expectation and what actually is.

With other people, this expectation creates a burden on them, and this causes them suffering too.

Expect nothing of the exterior world and seek all that you want of it within you. We are here to create our own happiness and when we focus on that, all our energies shift and we are free from disappointment and expectation, it frees others too.

Be your own happiness.

I’m not OK

We all lose our way, we all get stuck, we all get tired, we all find days a challenge.

That’s OK.

It’s OK to be struggling.

We do not have to be always happy, always smiling, always ‘GREAT’.

Recognising when we are low, allowing those feelings to be, without resistance, without the need to act a different ‘happy me’ allows them to pass easier and reduces our suffering.

It’s actually having to be always on top of the world that creates the pain.

I’m not OK and that’s fine…it will pass.