Stuff, who needs that shit?

Possession aren’t the route to happiness.

They are the way to burden and suffering. We attach ourselves to them and then we suffer and fear the loss of them.

Our ego uses them as a weapon of superiority.

We can step away from this burden at any point. It’s a choice we can all make. We can unlearn the conditioning of the consumer society.

Joy is a choice, it is the path, the route. It comes from our very essence and soul. However, it is clouded when we seek happiness from the external world.

When we allow joy to flow we realise there is no need to accumulate possessions. It is a never ending route to suffering within, as whatever we accumulate there can bc always be more or someone who has bigger or better stuff. We become dissatisfied in search for happiness in the hollowness of materials.


We are conditioned to tell others about our achievements. We believe it makes us more worthy because we are rewarded by achieving.

However, it is much more fulfilling within to do things and tell no one…just experience the joy and inner happiness. Only our ego and conditioning get us to tell and then what? Lack and the need to achieve more.

Inner peace comes from being not telling others what you’ve been doing.