Some people feel the rain

I read this quote today…”Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.” – Bob Marley, wisely said.

Life is all about how we choose to see it.

If we see things as hard, they will be. If we think all people are against us, they will be. If we think that the day is hard, our partner is irritating, or the neighbours are a pain in the arse, well, they will be. If we think there are bad people…guess what, in the reality our mind creates, all people will then be bad.

If we move, unless we change our inner mindset, the new neighbours will be a pain in the arse too.

So we can either accept what is, the moment and enjoy it or we can get swept along by all that happens to us and let it eat away at us.

Consciously we just get wet and move on, within our mind and its dramas we feel everything.

Another perspective

To the mind, everything is serious and urgent. It all matters. There is no perspective, just the ‘heat’ of the moment of whatever thoughts are causing suffering. It dominates everything, if we allow it.

When we have no perspective other than that of our mind, we suffer, we cause ourselves fear. That leads to anxiety, anger, frustration, worry…essentially a whole host of different emotions that create turbulence in our bodies and affect our actions, if we become the reaction.

There is always another option, a different route, a different perspective. We can choose to allow our thoughts to be, to not take them seriously, to not become the reaction.

When we have a perspective of calm, based on being present in the moment, our consciousness allows us to see that nothing matters, other than being present and enjoying the reality of being alive.