The lenses we choose to see the world through are based on a judgement of others and ourselves that stems from our mind. They completely shape how we see things and the actions of others. They also affect our own self-esteem and worth.

If we stay conscious and in the moment that is now, that means away from our mind and evaluation, then all the lenses are removed and we see the world clearly as it is without any taint.

Stepping out of our bubbles

Often in life without realising we are wrapped up in our bubbles.

We do not stop from the routine to seek what is all around us.

We are surrounded by other humans, neighbours, people from other towns, from other countries, other backgrounds, cultures, races, and so on. Yet we know so little about them, apart from what we see through our own lenses and through the lenses of others. Judging without knowing for ourselves.

We could choose to take away the lenses, we could choose to knock on our neighbours doors, we could choose to seek others, we could choose to listen to others. To hear the real story and see it without the distortion of the lenses we place.

We could choose to step out from our bubbles.

What are we scarred of finding out?