Never miss a thing

The constant updates, notifications and information that is fed to us 24/7 via TV, the Internet, devices, smart-this and smart-that, means we are rarely present. We are deep in our mind and thoughts, constantly distracted by the thought-provoking ‘ping’ of yet another notification.

The amazing and extraordinary things of life are only available in the real life that is this present moment. Only when we are conscious can we experience reality beyond the mind.

By never missing a thing, we miss everything that matters.


In the ‘normal’ thought-dominated mind-controlled state that humans live out the majority of their existence inside their heads, there are constant dramas, mind-made problems, emotion and turmoil.

In the conscious moment where we can connect with the stillness and calm of our inner essence, true being, our soul, there is real life, free from dramas, problems, turbulence and emotion.

All humans are equipped to choose which is best for them, the challenge is breaking the conditioning that has put us all in the mind-controlled state.